MTCC PLC had today launched “Suzuki Foari” Promotion 2016, offering up to 15% discount on all cash purchases of Suzuki outboard engines. This promotion will go on from 5th June 2016 until 15th July 2016. Customers who choose to purchase an engines during the promotion period are eligible to participate in a grand prize lucky draw.  The grand prize of this promotion is a 15HP Suzuki outboard engine.

The main purpose of this promotion is to offer Suzuki engines at affordable prices for the customers who wish to purchase outboard engines during the month of Ramadan. Discounts are offered on the whole Suzuki range available at Kashavaru, from 2.5HP to 300HP. Only customers who make outright purchases are eligible to participate in the promotion.

Suzuki has been a key player in the outboard market since its introduction to the Maldivian market by MTCC PLC in 2007. Suzuki is known for its high quality, speed, fuel efficiency and higher gear ratio compared to other brands in the market. Especially designed for the Maldivian seas, Suzuki is used for both commercial and leisure purposes.

    Submitted on Thu, 09/06/2016 - 11:45