The keel of our hopper suction dredger “Mahaa Jarraafu” built with the expertise of HC Holland was laid on 25th August at a special ceremony held at Nantong Rainbow Marine Technology Boat Yard, China. The ceremony was inaugurated by our CEO Mr. Ibrahim Ziyath and Chairman Mr. Hussain Salim Mohamed.

The Easy dredge 3700 “Mahaa Jarraafu” which has a length overall of 92.95 meters is equipped to dredge from 50 meters below sea level and has a hopper capacity of 3700-meter cube per load. Construction of “Mahaa Jarraafu” is scheduled to be complete in December 2016 and the vessel will be delivered to MTCC in early 2017 after the required test runs.

This state of the art dredger will revolutionize the dredging industry of the Maldives, and contribute immensely towards the development of the nation

    Submitted on Tue, 30/08/2016 - 19:20