Launching of a Double Decker Ferry and two Coach Buses

25th June 2015 – MTCC Plc today introduced a brand new double decker ferry for our Male-Hulhumale operation and two brand new coach buses to cater the customers travelling to and from Ibrahim Nasir International Airport through Hulhumale. These buses are designed to carry the luggage of the travelling passengers.

We assured that this is just a beginning of what MTCC had planned for the development of Greater Male Transport Network while making it a convenient experience for our customers. We are planning to introduce two additional ferries specifically designed for Male-Hulhumale operation and add a further 2 coach buses to the existing fleet of buses linking INIA and Hulhumale during the month of October 2015.

Furthermore, to enhance the ventilation inside the ferries in operation at Hulhumale sector, we are planning to install fans inside the ferries. In this respect four such ferries will be in operation today.


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  • Posted on 27 Aug